The loss of a loved one can be mortifying, someone so dear, someone who was loved, and someone who loved, gone.

Lowered into the ground forever, never to be hugged, never to be seen again.

The ground runs with a river of tears as the loved one is covered.

But they are not truly gone.

Gone from this world they may be, but never from the heart.

Always in the heart and soul will be the everlasting memory of them be.

If you hold onto them in your heart, then they are never truly gone.

And you will never be gone either.


(I didn’t write this because I lost a loved one, but I wrote this for all of you out there who have)


Life is like sand, you have so much of it, but it will be lost to the wind if you let it. Your life might not be as fine or soft as someone’s. It might be grainy and polluted. But no ones perfect. Life will kick you, then when you get up, Wam! your back on the floor. When everyone puts you down, don’t give up, because life is also like a sponge. During it you absorb all of this hate and sadness and defeat, but you can let it all go. Then you will have kindness, victory, and happiness. So no matter who you are, your special. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Live life to the fullest, because you only have so much. It seems life like will go on forever, but in the blink of an eye, it could be gone. The second you started breathing, that hour glass flipped over. The sand is rushing to the other side. So enjoy every grain of your life, before it all goes to the other side.


How could you have something, so close, and have it slip away so fast? How could you have nothing, and then have something in the blink of an eye? Some to help you when you cry. Someone to depend on, someone to show up. Someone to laugh with you, and tell you to grow up. But also someone to help, someone to stand up for, because isn’t that what friends are for?

March 31st!!!!!!

Finally! After 31 days i’ve finally completed the challenge. I’m so happy because I finished it and I don’t have to blog tomorrow! Sure I like blogging but this was a little to much for me. Maybe i’ll do this challenge next year!

March 30th

Today I had a test in keyboarding. I completely forgot about it. Fortuanately it was pretty easy in my opinion and I got 100 percent. I can’t believe how far i’ve come in keyboarding. I thought I really wouldn’t learn anything but I was wrong. I’ve increased my wpm from 50 to 91 so far. Only 1 day left of the challenge!


March 29th

Today I took the math unit test. It was pretty easy. I also took my history unit test, which was really easy as well. The tech ed teacher was selling fidget spinners, I forgot to bring my money for one :(. Hopefully he still has some tomorrow. I was so worried for the math unit test but the grades came in and I got 100 92 92. Now i’ll have all A’s for the third quarter!

March 28th

In middle school there is always trends in each grade (so it seems). When my brother was in sixth grade the trend was Rubik’s cubes. Now lately it seems like everyone has one of those fidget spinners. I think they are pretty cool but I don’t understand why everyone wants one so bad. It’s just a spinner! Another thing I see is fidget cubes. I don’t really like them as much as the fidget spinners but I still think they are okay. I hear one of the teachers is selling 3-D printed spinners for $3. The future of technology amazes me!

March 27th

So our books are due pretty much next class. Our group is pretty much done but I still can’t help but worry. I wonder, is there a grammatical error? I’m really paranoid, and I hope it all turns out well. I think it will turn out well and everything will be fine, but still I always worry. I am also worried about this challenge. I’m running out of ideas so close to the end. What will I do? I hope I can still do this challenge! It would suck to fail so close to the end. Again I am doing this at like 9:40, i’m so forgetful! If there was one thing I would change about myself it would be my memory, I have a bad memory! Good night!

March 26th

Today I have to i’m going to reflect on Thursday s challenge. When I first started this challenge I thought I was going to fail. Here we are 27 days later and I haven’t failed! I’m proud of myself that I actually blogged on the weekends and I always remembered, I usually forget things, but not this! Only 4 more days and I can say I completed this challenge! Good luck on your last 4 days if you are doing the challenge!

March 25th

This happens to me near the end of every quarter, i’m doing great, but I have a few more big tests before the end. I always get super worried because if I do bad my grade will drop so badly. I always want to make the all A honor roll, and so far I have achieved that. I hope I can continue to achieve the all A honor roll for every quarter, but you never know what curve balls school will throw you! So if you are doing bad, just remember everyone does bad at some point, and your not alone in the world!